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Rates & Fees

How much will my ride cost?
Fares are based on the distance driven or, in locales like NYC, the distance is calculated by zone. To get an estimate of your ride, please visit our registration page and enter your ride details with the date and time you will need the service.

Are there additional or hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees, and your up-front estimated total includes all charges with the exception of wait time, stops, and parking or tolls, which cannot be calculated until the ride is complete.

Is gratuity included or should I tip the driver when I exit?
Your fare estimate will always include a 20% standard gratuity, which you'll see as a line item at checkout.

What other fees might I see on my final bill that are not on the ride confirmation?
Fees incurred during the ride cannot be estimated beforehand, so you'll only see them on your final bill.

How are by-the-hour job rates calculated?
By-the-hour rates are calculated based on the pickup location, route taken, and drop-off location for the ride using a zone fare pricing model. During booking, we estimate a rate that is based on the ride staying within the pickup zone. Should you go to a different zone during your by-the-hour ride, the rate of the ride will be adjusted to reflect the actual ride taken.

What if I'm running late or my flight is late - will my driver wait for me?
Yes, your driver will always wait.


Does the driver accept credit cards or cash?
Yes, you may pay your driver cash or credit/debit directly in the car. Otherwise, your payment information will be gathered during the booking process.

When will my card be charged?
The card is usually charged upon completion of your ride. For out-of-town trips and fares exceeding $300, we may authorize your card at the time of booking.

Will I get a receipt of my ride?
Your receipt will be instantly emailed at the time your card is charged. You can also view and print ride details from the "My Dashboard" section of our website.

Creating an Account

What's the benefit of creating an account?
An account allows you to manage your current, cancelled, and closed reservations; cancel reservations online; manage payments methods and contact information; and most importantly, expedite the checkout process.

Do you offer services for corporations?
Yes. We can work with you to customize a travel program that best meets your needs and the needs of your travelers.