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Booking FAQs

There are many questions customers ask about booking transportation services through NJ Car and Limo. The fact is, if you live anywhere near Fort Lee, New Jersey, our team ensures that you will get where you need to be on time.

Before Booking

Where does NJ Car and Limo provide car service?
You can ride with NJ Car and Limo in every U.S. city. Most reservations need to be booked between one to four hours in advance (via phone, email, or web). Advance reservation times differ based on the pickup location.

How many passengers and bags can each vehicle accommodate?
Each vehicle can accommodate a different number of passengers and bags. Please visit our reservation page to learn more about our vehicles and their passenger and luggage capacities. If your passenger/bag count exceeds the limits, you will need to upgrade the vehicle type or reserve an additional vehicle. Safety regulations prohibit passengers and bags from riding in the front seat of the vehicle. The driver has the right to refuse the ride if the passenger/bag count exceeds the limits of the vehicle. This will result in extra charges for you, so please book accordingly. 

What information is collected during booking and how is it used?
Any information you provide to us when booking is confidential and never shared with a third party. We ask for your name, pickup and drop-off locations, requested vehicle, credit card information, mobile number, and email address. The email address you provide us with will receive the booking confirmation and final receipt. We also ask for your mobile number to give you important SMS alerts on the day of the ride. You can opt-out of providing us with an email address and mobile number; however, this could result in a number of issues, including missed errors in reservations or being unable to locate your driver.

What is the ride cancellation policy?
We know plans can change, so our cancellation policy is flexible for customers while supporting our drivers. We won't charge cancellation fees (or any applicable ride-related expenses) unless your driver has already been assigned and dispatched.

After Booking

How will I know my car has arrived, and what if I need to contact the driver?
If you've provided us with your mobile number, you will receive an SMS alert to let you know your driver is on the way, and when to expect the arrival. If you need to contact your driver, the best number to call will be listed in the SMS alert. Otherwise, you can call us at (201) 855-6939.

Airport Pickups

What if my flight is early or delayed?
We ask for your flight information when booking your ride to track your flight, so early or late, we'll be there when the flight is.

How will I find my driver? Do you provide meet-and-greet service?
We offer curb-side pickup, but meet-and-greet service is offered for an additional fee. If you've requested an inside pickup, your driver will meet you at baggage claim. If you're meeting your driver curb-side, please call the driver once you've collected your luggage, using the number you received via SMS.

About the Vehicle

I have a small child, do I need to bring my own seat?
You may bring your own or reserve a child seat(s) during the booking process, for an additional fee. When choosing, be careful to select either rear-facing or forward-facing for a proper fit. In order to ensure the safety of the child and proper installation of the car seat, the driver may ask for assistance when installing it. In most cases, local laws require the passenger to perform the installation.

Do I need to put my child in a car seat?
Laws vary by state, so you should comply with the legal requirements. Call us if you are unsure.

Can I smoke in the car?
For health and safety reasons, we do not allow smoking.

Is luggage allowed inside the vehicle?
All large luggage must fit in the truck of the vehicle. If handheld luggage fits inside the vehicle, then it is permitted only in the back seat. By law the front seat cannot hold passengers or luggage.